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PostSubject: 2016 GENERAL RULES - NASCAR   Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:11 pm

We will have a few general rules in effect for all NASCAR series that are run on here:

- CAR NUMBERS - You must use you assigned driver number that you chose in all series, for ID purposes and communication from other drivers.

- QUALIFYING - 8+ Cars 2 Rounds 5 Mins Each, Bottom 4 Set Round 1 - Top 4 Set Round 2

-- 8 or Less Cars 1 Round 5 Mins



- CAUTIONS - Manual and all use our caution system

- LAST LAP TO CALL CAUTION - Once leader takes 4 to go, no more cautions

- PITTING - allowed under green and under caution

- ACCIDENTS - You can try to control your car and save it.  However, once you spin and you have stopped, you must pause the game and allow any car coming up on you to get by before unpausing and correcting the stopped car.

- TEAM LIMITS - You can have up to 5 drivers per team.

- LAPS BACK - There will be one lucky dog that can pass leaders PRIOR to pitting and catch up to pit with them.  Anyone else looking to get the "wavearound" and get lap back, can pass when leaders are pitting and then they can pit themselves, but they need to catch back up to the field prior to the restart, or they will be left.  THIS MEANS ALL CAUTIONS ARE APPROX 3 LAPS.  Lap One, slow and allow Lucky Dog around and to catch up.  Lap Two, Leaders pit, allow for wavearounds to continue UNDER PACE SPEED SET BY HOST, and Lap 3 is bunch up, allow wavearounds to pit, and set up for restarts.

- If you tell the race host ahead of time that you can not make a race you intended to run then you will receive points for that event, if something comes up preventing you from racing.

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