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PostSubject: CAUTION PROCEDURES   Sun Aug 17, 2014 7:20 pm

As we all agree, the best way to run these leagues is to have manual cautions.  It helps keep the room together, the simple little spins alone do not slow our races down, etc.  However, we have to be fair to the system and to other drivers.  Below is the framework for our caution system.  It is more of an honor code, so take it seriously.

- Single car wrecks - if you spin out on your own, if you smash the wall, IT IS ON YOU!  No caution.  Practice and get better!
- Multi car wrecks - Call Caution.  We will all slow down and group up in an adult fashion.  No slamming into people to be funny or revenge.

NOW - Honor code - If you are wrecked and it is not your fault.  Example being that you are running with another driver and he bumps you into the wall and you lose control, or they spin you to get by you, YOU can call caution.  The other driver must agree that they hit you or could have hit you.  Remember that there is a lag bubble, so you could have hit them.  Once both drivers call the caution, we will line up like adults and prepare for pitting or restarts.

We all know that 80% of our wrecks are people doing it to themselves.  So this honor system will help protect those drivers that are doing their best to run clean and get knocked out.  It is not fair to ruin someone's race if they are the innocent bystander to the aggressive driving or mistakes of another who drove away clean to race another day.  Lets just make sure to be honest and take advantage of this system.

- xICEMANx41
- xGATOR383x

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