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PostSubject: MONSTER ENERGY RACING SERIES RULES   Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:03 pm


5 Minute Qualifying for Position

The races are 200ish miles

Tire Wear is x3

Fuel Use is x2

Full Damage

Setups Allowed

***Assists NOT ALLOWED***

!!!Black Flags ONLY!!!

Manual Cautions

(2 or more cars is a cautions)...when caution is called you must slow down to caution speed (50 on short track, 55 on speedways and 65 on superspeedways). The first time the leader gets to pit road entrance, the pits are open, If you are a lap down and you want to get it back, you may go around a get 1 lap back, then you can pit...once the leaders are off of pit road, start lining up for a double file restart as the race will resume as soon as the leader makes it to the restart box.

Missing Driver(s)

IF a driver fails to make a race, they will still receive a finishing position & points depending on entries in the race they missed. If the series has 15 drivers, the missing driver will be given 15th place points. If multiple drivers miss a race, each will receive the same position.

Lagging Out Before the Race

If you are in the lobby and lag out as we head to the track, you get whatever last place would of been if you raced. IF two lag out on the way to track they will get the last two spots in the race if we raced (the positioning of those two drivers will come by way of a coin flip with driver higher in points getting heads). If Three or more lag, we restart the room.

Lagging Out During the Race

You'll receive a DNF and wherever that puts you in the running order...


You'll receive no points for races you are suspended for.


Race Results will go off of the Host....


Winning a race in the first 26 races will give you the best chance at a Chase spot. The top 10 drivers after the 26th race (@Richmond) will make Chase, Wins beat out points.
If there is less than 10 different winners, the rest of the spots will be awarded to the drivers best point total without a win.
If more than 10 different winners, the 1 race winners will be seeded by points and the driver(s) at the bottom of the list will miss the chase.

When the Chase Starts, the points will be reset to 2000 for all drivers in the Chase. If you won a race and make 20+ races, you'll receive a 1 point bonus to your reset amount. If you didn't make 20 races, you cant use your race winners for bonus points. The only bonus points you can is the ones from winning multiple Grand Slam Events.
Chase will be knockout style and after races 3, 6, and 9, two drivers will be removed from the chase. The Final Four after race 9 will go into race 10 with a whoever crosses the line first wins the title battle.

Rookie of the Year Award

Drivers who have NOT completed a quarter of any season's races is open for the rookie of the year award. (Everyone is open for Season 1 if they wanna run for it). Points are for your 15 (fifteen) best finishes throughout the season.

Most Improved Award

To the player with the best improved in Average Finish from the past season. (Season 1 is going to the driver has the highest starting avg. to finishing avg. ratio...)


Wreckless Driving: Wrecking and/or attempting to wreck someone with cause

1st offense: will result in a min. 25 point deduction (driver and owner) and a last place team finish and probation for atleast 6 weeks

2nd offense: will result in a 100 point deduction (driver and owner) and a last place team finish in that race plus the next two events, driver will be on suspension for a race and probation for the remain of the season.

3rd offense: will result in dismissal from league from the rest of the season, will not be to return till he/she has gone thru the Clean Racing Simulation Test (info pending approval).

Team/Manufacturer Orders: Can I Just Say MWR at Richmond last year....rigging the race to your or your teams benefit...Holding up faster cars so a teammate can win the race, causing a caution to save you and/or teammate(s), etc...."Letting a teammate lead a lap is ok"

1st offense: 3 lap penalty with a 50 point deduction to driver committing the team order and 25 point deduction for every member of the team, plus lost of team championship points for that race and the next one.

2nd offense: driver committing a team order for a second time will result in being parked, followed by a 3 race suspension, 100 point fine and probation for the rest of the season....Team loses championship points for that race and the followed 3 races

3rd offense: if a driver for a third time. he/she is dismissed from the league for the rest of the season or 18 races (which ever is longer)...Team will not be allow to replace their suspended driver for team points and/or owner points...the car number is removed off the selection of open will suffer with the extra car finishing in the position after the last place finisher.

Blue Flag w/ yellow diagonal line: ABOUT TO BE LAPPED, LET THE LEADERS GO!

1st offense: driver will be docked 3 driver and owner points

2nd offense: driver will be docked 10 driver and owner points along with probation for two races

3rd offense: Automatic DNF in the race with 15 points deduction and probation for the rest of the season.

4th offense: Automatic DNF in the race and suspended for 2 races, plus a 25 point fine and probation for 36 races

Penalties can be added or changed at anytime.


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