Real life builds, real life rules translated to a game so DRIVER ability comes to the top.
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PostSubject: GENERAL RULES - ROAD RACING   Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:00 pm

Sim Unlimited Rules and Regulations

1. Regulations

1.1 - By signing up to any series, you agree that you have read, understood, and will follow the rules. Team captains must ensure that any teammates have done this and that they will comply. Series Admins will monitor these rules.  As a reminder, these are base rules, a series may request specific rules that are needed for their series.
1.2 - Unless otherwise specified, car builds given cannot be changed or amended in any way. Officials reserve the right to inspect any car build at any time.

2. Series Championships

2.1 - All Series Championships may have a Drivers Championship and a Team Championship, as well as a Rookie of the Year after your first season of competition.
2.2 - For each championship, the driver with the most championship points scored at the end of the season will win that respective championship. For team championships, no more than two drivers per team are permitted.
2.3 - The points system varies for each event at this time. Check the Series rules for their points system.
2.5 - If two or more drivers/teams finish a championship equal on points, the championship will go to the entrant with the higher number of race wins over the course of the season, followed by podiums, and them pole positions, unless otherwise directed in the particular series rules.

3. Communications

3.1 - All information regarding our events will be announced on the forums. It is your responsibility to check the forums regularly to ensure they are updated with all the latest news surrounding the series.
3.2 - All competitors are expected to have a fully functioning mic for use during the race. The host of a particular lobby may ask someone without a mic to leave, if necessary.

4. Incidents

4.1 - An "incident" is considered as an event involving one or more participants, or any action by any one, which can be reported to a series official for review
- Broke the rules.
- Jump starts a race
- caused a collision.
- forced a driver off the track.
4.2 - If a driver is challenged and a issue is found, it will be formally posted in the series section.
4.3 - Any of the following penalties may be imposed on a driver involved in an incident by Series Directors:
- A warning.
- A time penalty
- Disqualification.
- Suspension from competition.
4.4 - All drivers have the right to appeal against a penalty.  It will then be reviewed by a panel of 3 officials for judgement.

5. Driving

5.1 - Deliberately wrecking into and/or damaging other cars is not acceptable. Racing is racing, but to intentionally take out a car will not be tolerated.
5.2 - It will always be the passing cars responsibility to ensure that the pass is completed cleanly. However, the car being passed should not do anything which risks causing a accident.
5.3 - Cars which are off the track should give priority to those cars which are on the track. Cars should only re-join the track when it is safe to do so.

6. Car Liveries

6.1 - Liveries should not have anything on them which could be deemed offensive.
6.2 - Series may require the use of specific series stickers that must be placed on the car.
6.3 - This is a racing series.  Try to make a decent looking scheme.  If you are not a painter, then ask any of the guys if they can help you.

7. Pits

7.1 - Drivers must announce intent of pitting and exiting of pits.
7.2 - Drivers must not enter race traffic until it is safe to do so to avoid collisions.
7.3 - Drivers must use the full pit lane if available.

8. Qualifying

8.1 - The format of qualifying can change,  depending on the series. Check the specific series rules for your set up.
8.2 - All qualifying lap times must be clean.  All dirty laps will start accordingly in rear of the field.

9. Race Day

9.1 - There will be two types of starting.  Standing starts, where everyone races off from a stopped position, or a Rolling start, where all competitors will line up during a warm up lap.  The rear car must all CLEAR once he is clear of final turn and Lead car must call GO GO GO prior to start finish line.

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